Friday, July 10, 2015

Just as present...

"Don't be afraid..."
Genesis 46:3
God tells us this so often, but it is still hard for us to internalize it when the water is rising up to our necks! (Psalm 69:2) For comfort, we can read scripture stories of God guiding Israel and his family into Egypt or God guiding Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt. We can read of Jesus healing the sick of his time and the Holy Spirit guiding the early Christians after him. But our greatest reassurance may come from our own stories. We can look back on our own lives and see how God worked through people and situations to bring good ripples from hard times. Our lives are full of them! Let's take some time this summer weekend to quietly sit with God and remember the times of our lives where God's footprints are evident.  It may be easier to see them in retrospect, but that only helps us to relax in the fact that God is just as present now.  Blessings on your weekend!  Love, heidi

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