Thursday, July 9, 2015

Just like God

"Come closer to me...I am your brother Joseph, whom you once sold into Egypt. But now do not be distressed..."
Genesis 45:4-5
Today, reading this, I noticed for the first time that Joseph seems so much like the compassionate, forgiving God. His brothers have treated him so unjustly, yet, he is filled with compassion and love for them, beckoning them closer, revealing himself to them and, finally, rescuing them and their families from the famine. Isn't that just like God? I used to think the loving God was more revealed in the New Testament, but, here we are in Book One--Genesis--and the kind, forgiving God is mirrored to us through Joseph.  The brothers don't really even ask for forgiveness in this reading, do they? In today's reading, they are too "dumbfounded" to say anything.  Stay tuned tomorrow!  For us, today, let's spend some time thinking about our loving, compassionate God, who only wants us close. No matter what we've done or how we have failed, God just wants us close.  Love, heidi

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