Monday, July 6, 2015

Present in all of it!

"Truly the Lord is in this spot although I did not know it."
Genesis 28:16
It's easy to imagine the Lord in the "good" spots of our lives--at the fireworks on the Fourth, gathered around the dinner table with family and friends, while walking in the woods.  But, as we travel the journey, we soon realize that God is very present in the hard spots, too--the doctor's office, at the bedside of a dying friend, at the Dept. of Labor while signing up for unemployment. God is every bit as "there" in those trying times. Just like Jacob in today's reading, we can cling to the fact that our God wants to be part of ALL of it with us.  Our God wants to be part of every second of every experience...even as we drag ourselves into work on a Monday-after-holiday weekend.  Blessings on yours!  Love, heidi

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